Notepad++ v8.6

2024-01-03 16:15:21
版本 :v8.6

Release Date: 2023-11-23

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Notepad++ v8.6 new features & bug-fixes:

  1. Multi-edit is fully supported in Notepad++. (Fix #14266, #8203)

  2. Make multi-select background & caret colours customizable. (Fix #14302)

  3. Make session inaccessible files remembered (empty & read-only document as placeholder). (Fix #12079, #12744, #13696)

  4. Fix missing session invalid error for user session & enhance API NPPM_GETNBSESSIONFILES. (Fix #14228)

  5. Fix network shared files saving regression. (Fix #14300)

  6. Update Scintilla to v5.3.8 & Lexilla to v5.2.8. (Fix #13442, #14188, #14288)

  7. Fix docking panel crash due to messing up config.xml. (Fix bug report

  8. Fix invalid styler.xml making Notepad++ crash issue. (Fix #12101)

  9. Fix tab-closing crash by middle mouse button (unexpected mouse position). (Fix #14328)

  10. Fix 2 performance issues in Style Configurator. (Fix #14321)

  11. Add 3 line operation (delete, copy & cut) shortcuts. (Fix #14296)

  12. Display extra info in the status bar of Find/Replace dialog to avoid PEBKAC. (Fix #14307)

  13. Fix “Hide lines” command hiding unselected lines issue. (Fix #14166)

  14. Fix silent installer mode when Notepad++ is running issue. (Fix #10189, #10277, #22514, #14236, fix partially #8514)

  15. Fix Updater’s vulnerability (update cURL in WinGUp for fixing CVE-2023-38545). (Fix WinGUp issue #50)

  16. Fix incoherent behaviour of “Duplicate Current Line” menu command. (Fix #5298)

  17. Fix JSON5 not using JSON keywords. (Fix #14205)

  18. Fix empty message showing while cancelling session file saving dialog. (Fix #14235)

If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: